What Services Does a 24/7 Call Center Offer?

Make time to receive and respond to customer inquiries by working with 24/7 call center services. Read on to learn more about a 24/7 call center services

Running a business can be a bit like participating in a multi-event track and field race. Except, instead of hopping from high jump to hurdles, you’re often required to move swiftly from quality control and accounting to sales and marketing over the course of a single day. Making time to receive and respond to customer inquiries can feel like a finish line that’s completely out of sight.  

This is where 24/7 call center services may help.

Having a 24/7 call center means you’re always available to your customers—without having to lace up your track shoes for another event. In this helpful guide, learn about six common call center services and how they can take your business to the top of the podium.

#1 Call Answering

Perhaps the most apparent service provided by a 24 hour call center is inbound call answering. The logic is simple enough, but the impact it could have on your business is anything but

Picture this: Your current structure allows for an incoming call to be answered—politely and efficiently—within regular business hours. But what happens when your offices are closed? What if your target audience operates on an entirely different schedule than the one you’re currently on?

A 24/7 answering service can ensure that your customers can reach someone anytime they need support. Your team of virtual receptionist specialists can handle tasks such as:

  • Answering product- and business-related questions
  • Reviewing product concerns and offering basic customer support 
  • Addressing any appointment scheduling issues and booking new appointments
  • Relaying messages to the correct department to ensure customer satisfaction

Plus, since 24/7 call centers are scalable solutions, you can utilize these services whether you expect a large or smaller volume of calls. Your customers’ needs will always be met.

#2 Live Chat

The phone isn’t the only means you have to communicate with your customers. Especially for younger generations, having multi-channel communication is key to meeting them where they’re at. Enter: live chat. 

As handy as live messaging on your website can be, fielding questions with an obviously automated bot can send internet users packing. People-powered live chat solves this issue.

With people-powered live chat you can:

  • Provide another channel for customer support that may be more comfortable for your customers to use
  • Convert visitors to your website into paying customers by reaching out to them at the point of contact

When you expand that to text messaging, even more options open up:

  • Create a high level of customer engagement and improve customer retention by following up in a less intrusive way than a phone call
  • Text reminders about upcoming appointments
  • Allow for appointment scheduling changes to occur via text
  • Reach out to leads in order to convert them into paying customers

#3 Inbound and Outbound Sales

In addition to taking care of current customers, your business grows by drawing in new customers and sales. When you consider each phone call to your business as an opportunity for growth, you realize just how valuable a simple conversation can be. 

Not everyone who calls you may be interested in investing in your product or service straight away. However, it is a chance for you to:

  • Set the tone and make a good impression
  • Answer a question
  • Highlight a unique value proposition that your business brings to the table

Making sure someone is there to ensure a positive and memorable interaction can be the first step in scaling your business over time. A 24/7 call center makes sure you don’t miss any of these opportunities.

That said, there’s more than just answering the phone. You also want to be proactive and reach out to qualified leads. With a 24/7 call center, you can have a team trained to do just that—at times that are convenient to your potential customers. This kind of flexibility offered by an around-the-clock team may be more than an in-house team can offer.

#4 Multilingual Services

Customers come in all shapes and sizes—and sometimes, they speak many different languages, too. Depending on your target audience, a monolingual sales and customer service approach might not cut it. A call center can have professionals on hand that can communicate with your customers in their preferred language, making sure they feel cared for and supported.

#5 Time Savings

Especially as your call volume goes up, you may find that you and your employees are spending an inordinate amount of time answering calls. That, in turn, pulls you away from all of the other tasks and time investment that come with running your business. Working with a 24/7 call center means your inbound or outbound calls are being handled and only those who truly need your expertise have access to your valuable time.

Freeing up space on your daily calendar for you and your employees means your business can run smoother in every facet.

#6 Cost Savings

The final offering worth mentioning is the potential savings to your bottom line. If you get to the point where you need to hire people dedicated to customer communications, you may find that a 24 hour call center is the more affordable option. Rather than hiring a full-time employee, you pay for what you need and scale as necessary. This can help save you money, allowing you to reallocate funds elsewhere.

At Nexa, we offer multiple pricing plans so you’re covered when you need to be and at a rate that fits your budget. Better customer relations at a reasonable cost is a win-win.

Get 24/7 Call Answering from Nexa

At Nexa, we offer a wide range of services that can help turn your workday from hectic to hassle-free—24/7 call answering service for small business included. Plus, our expertise runs the gamut, from HVAC and plumbing to home healthcare and real estate. 

Sometimes the key to a thriving business starts with a simple adjustment. What’s simpler than a 30-day free trial? Make the most of every opportunity by outsourcing your specialty answering service to Nexa. 


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