When to Move On From Your Medical Answering Service

Why is it so hard for medical practices to find a good quality phone answering service? Here are the signs that you need to find a new medical answering service.

When talking with potential NexaMedical customers, we always hear the same reasons why customers are unhappy with their current phone answering service. Just recently, we attended AAHC, and the majority of attendees we spoke with told us, “We’re really unhappy with our current medical answering service.” Why is it so hard for medical practices to find a good quality answering service? We're not sure, but we're ready to help you find out. Here are the signs that you need to find a new medical answering service.  

Your calls are answered or routed incorrectly

It might be obvious, but your business is in trouble if your calls aren't being answered. That means your callers aren’t getting the help or information they need. Resultantly, it is damaging your reputation and costing your patients.If your calls aren’t being handled well, then that affects the efficiency of your entire practice.


NexaMedical virtual receptionists have 99.9% on-call answering accuracy. Luckily, this means you can trust that your calls are being answered, handled and transferred to the right people.

Customers are unhappy

A crucial part of medical answering services is compassion. However, only 36% of consumers agree that providers have empathetic medical and administrative staff, reports Prophet.This is bad news for your practice. Therefore, you need to provide excellent customer service from the start, or you risk losing patients immediately. Do this by treating the patient experience like customer experience. If you’re not, you’re falling behind your competition.


“We’re very serious about providing excellent and accurate customer experiences on our calls…. I love my job because I’m making an impact,” said Emily, a NexaMedical team lead. Read more here about what an average day looks like for a NexaMedical virtual receptionist looks like.

You need a service they don't offer

Your virtual receptionist service’s capabilities can't limit you.  If your practice is using scheduling software and your current service can’t integrate, you are missing an opportunity to increase the efficiency of your practice. Meaning, it's time to hire a physician answering service that can be seamlessly integrated with whatever software and CRMs you are already using.


Did you know that NexaMedical virtual receptionists can integrate with your EHR or CRM? With your permission and training, our team can work inside of your chosen software to schedule appointments. That way, they get the right info to your callers and patients. This responsiveness leads to “more booked clients, and quicker response times, sometimes by days,” explained one of our clients, a therapist based in Nevada. Read more about how we helped her double her efficiency here. You don’t want miscommunicated messages with your patients.  

Poor call quality

This is a top concern for clients across industries, and one of the common misconceptions about virtual receptionists. When most people think about call centers, they think about loud centers overseas, where agents might not have the communication skills your practice needs. Unfortunately, this is true of a lot of phone answering services. It’s also what really defines the difference between an answering service and a virtual receptionist service.


NexaMedical virtual receptionists work in 3 centers across the United States. We take care of our team so they can take care of your callers.

Did any of these resonate with you or remind you of your current service?

If so, it’s time to make a change. You need a service that’s fast and accurate. NexaMedical is always on call. Ready to get started? Contact our account executives at team.sales@nexa.com to learn more.


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