Why a 24-7 Answering Service Is Essential for a Growing Business

How Important Is Good Customer Service?

According to the RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report, a staggering 89% of customers immediately stop doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service.Imagine the sheer number of lost customers simply because a business has weak interactions with its customers.

What Does This Mean For A Growing Business?

For starters, it's a clear indication that to break into the market, you must prioritize customer service above almost everything else.It is absolutely essential.

But How Can Customer Service Be Improved?

To improve your customer support,  anticipate your customers' needs and provide them with exceptional service. Customer service reps need to efficiently handle all sorts of questions, queries and concerns of their prospective and current clients, all in an effort to enhance the customer experience.Handling a growing customer base and addressing each of their issues can be a daunting task if you have to do it all alone, as you focus on other things on your plate.That’s why, when you think about growing business needs, live answering services with dedicated agents deserve careful consideration. Here at Nexa Receptionists we offer 24/7 answering services to businesses from all niches and industries, providing them with world-class solutions that facilitate their customer service needs.We have rounded up a few reasons why you might want to consider outsourcing virtual receptionist services to us.These benefits can give small businesses a competitive edge and an opportunity to prosper.

Higher Productivity

Phone calls can be distracting, especially if you have to get up in the middle of an appointment to answer them. You go off on a tangent, and it takes you a few moments to get back to that work and recollect your thoughts.Studies reveal that even a little distraction at the workplace can disrupt productivity and cost companies' exorbitant amounts of money. When these interruptions are reduced, productivity increases by 75%, which substantially improves revenue for your business.Outsourcing to call center services eliminates constant micro-distractions and will enhance the productivity of employees and reminds your customers that you care about them.

Never Miss An Important Call

If a new customer cannot get hold of you, this situation is more likely to result in customer attrition than call back. It is a significant concern for businesses.A missed customer call means you are losing your potential clients, and no business would ever want that to happen. In times like these, where information is just a click away, you need to ensure strong customer support that is all ears for your customers' issues.A quality 24/7 answering service like Nexa can help you handle urgency with utmost care with various solutions and plans it has to offer and professionally lend a helping hand.

Don't Worry About Your Off Days

The holiday rush is a time of joy and pleasure, but sometimes it gets difficult for businesses to deal with customers during the holiday season.An outsourced live answering service ensures that your customers always have an empathetic ear to hear their concerns, even when your offices are closed.Our trained virtual receptionists can guide them in case they have concern and also recommend a suitable course of action, even after regular business hours.Nexa's commendable customer support services  make sure you take your time off and don't have to worry about your holidays. We'll hold down the fort in the meantime and have detailed files for you to review when you return.

Meet Your Client's Needs

The most obvious and immediate benefit of having a 24/7 answering service is reachable at all times. Customers can call at any time, even after working hours, during weekends or holidays.Forcing a customer to wait until working hours to get a response usually means that the customer will go somewhere else.However, when a company can answer a call immediately and provide information quickly and clearly, it can do two things. Significantly increase the marketing ROI and build a solid reputation for the company in the long run.

It Is Professional

Another strong reason for having a professional 24/7 answering service is being confident that every call will be handled with the utmost care and effectiveness.There will always be a trained and ready sales representative on the line. Someone prepared to answer any questions, provide information, or schedule an appointment. Your customer will not have to spend time waiting for someone to pick up the phone.Especially during the more hectic hours in the office because the calls will be handled by someone specializing in your company's needs.

It Gives You Time to Do Your Job

One of the more significant challenges growing businesses face is simply being able to handle increasing demand from customers. The staff usually becomes a bit slower than the flow of new leads coming in.In the early stages of a small business, this can lead to a decrease in customer service; a company can deliver. Even if there is a designated person on staff who is supposed to take incoming calls, there comes the point when a single person is not capable of handle everything.It becomes easy to see that having one, the on-site receptionist is not a viable long-term solution for a growing business. Having a 24/7 answering service allows the staff to concentrate on day-to-day tasks and provide a quality service.

It Is Economical

It may not be apparent immediately. However, an answering service is much more affordable than hiring someone to take calls locally. A full-time on-site receptionist can be quite expensive.Depending on the area, it can cost thousands of dollars per month. That is a lot for a growing business dealing with a lot of other startup costs.Consider that a top-quality answering service can cost you tens of times less, depending on the service. It becomes easy to see why it is such a right choice for many small businesses—getting the best of both worlds.24/7 answering service will provide accessibility, affordability, and a professional service. It is also a good strategy for building a stable relationship with the client base.

It Separates You From The Competition

According to a survey done by American Express in 2011, seven out of ten Americans would agree to spend more with companies that provide excellent customer service. It is an amazing stat to consider.All other things being equal, if a company has a sound system to deal with customers, it will already have a massive advantage over the competition. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity for a company to demand premium prices for their services.

In Conclusion...

Businesses need to focus on their new and potential clients and provide them with the vital information that they are looking for.Nexa's dedicated agents make it possible for you to focus on the tasks that need your attention, and we will make sure that your clients receive a top tier customer support service.The bottom line is, for businesses to thrive in competitive markets, it is a pivotal component for them to focus on what they are best at and fulfill the client's needs with our excellent customer service.


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