Why Focusing On Mobile Is A Must For New Businesses

It’s almost 2017. Nearly everyone uses a smartphone, and if your business is lacking a quality mobile interface, you will be struggling.We all remember the days when desktop PCs were in nearly everyone’s homes and cell phones were devices for simply making and receiving calls (or playing Snake and Tetris on the go if you were hip).Those days are long gone. Now, cell phones are mostly tiny, pocket-sized computers capable of managing an entire businesses. Not only are they convenient for business owners, but they also make it easier for customers to browse and shop on the go – so long as the site they’re looking at is properly optimized for mobile.

Here are 4 good reasons why having your site mobile-friendly is so important:

More than half of web traffic is mobile

Give the people what they want.A 2015 report by SimilarWeb showed that nearly 56% of all consumer traffic on US websites was from smartphone devices. The numbers don’t lie – if that much traffic is coming from mobile users alone, you better make sure your site is mobile-friendly, or you’ll be turning away visitors which means turning away potential customers.

Search engines will rank you higher

In 2014, Google began labeling sites that are mobile-friendly. Thanks to these labels, people know ahead of time if what they’re about to click on will function properly on their phone or tablet.Since then, Google has also updated their ranking algorithm to put mobile-ready sites higher on the list.It’s a no-brainer for business owners.Mobile-friendly site => happy search engines => higher search ranking => more traffic.

Your site will load much, much faster

Studies show that people viewing a website on their smartphone devices will give up if the page takes more than 6-10 seconds to load. A normal website loading on a mobile device can be painful to watch. That’s because the site’s code will not suit a mobile device, so it tries cramming everything it normally would into a small space.Having your site optimizable for mobile will tell the browser to load only what it needs and to format things properly for a small screen. By reducing large menus to dropdowns, flashy banner ads will alter to something more basic, and users won’t have to keep scrolling left and right while reading.

People are more likely to revisit your site

Ease of use is crucial for the longevity of any website. If your site is hard to navigate and bulky, it won’t take long before visitors get fed up and go elsewhere for their needs. This is especially true for people browsing on a mobile device because they aren’t going to fiddle with an unresponsive layout while they’re on the go.Having your site mobile-friendly will make navigation fast and easy which makes people happy and willing to return.


The times, they are a-changing.More and more people are doing a majority of their web browsing on the go and with multiple devices. The only way to stay ahead of the curve is to make sure your site is optimizable for all these devices, so when potential customers visit, they’re able to navigate with ease.The easier it is for someone to view your site, the more likely they will take you seriously as a business


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