Why Your Startup Customer Service Needs to be a Live Voice

If you want your startup to truly thrive, you need a live voice handling calls. You can’t rely on voicemail or recordings.

Have you ever called a company only to be put on hold for a long time, or even worse, get sent straight to voicemail? It's not great customer service.

It’s frustrating, right? You feel like the company doesn’t care all that much about you or your challenges, and it may even make you question whether you should do business with them.But when it comes to your business, are you always there for your customers? Is someone always there to pick up the phone, or do customers and prospects get left hanging?Here’s the thing: If you want your startup to truly thrive, you need a live voice handling calls. You can’t rely on voicemail or recordings.Why? Today we will give you the reasons, as well as an easy solution to ensure a live voice is taking care of your customers. Let’s get into it!Here’s why your startup needs a live voice…

Address Questions and Objections in Real-Time

Sometimes potential customers just need a few simple questions answered before they make a purchase.The question can be simple as “How do I actually buy the product?” or, they may deal with an objection, like “I couldn’t do X thing with [similar product]. Will I be able to do it with yours?”If you have a live voice, you can make sure that question gets answered right away. Then, the potential customer will have all they need to complete their purchase.

Easy Appointment Scheduling

Does a customer need to schedule a meeting with a salesperson? With a live voice, this process becomes much easier. The person who answers the phone can schedule the appointment quickly, send reminders to both parties, and make sure the appointment actually happens.This can lead to more sales, and in general, can remove the friction from the appointment-setting process.

It Shows Customer Appreciation

We’ve talked a bit about how to show customer appreciation – and for good reason. It’s key to making your customers feel like you care about them. And when they feel like you care, they’re a lot more likely to stick around for the long haul and become loyal customers.Well, if your startup has a live voice answering all the calls, then your customers will certainly feel appreciated. They’ll know that they can call anytime and talk to a real person and get their questions answered, and they’ll think, “Wow – this company really is always there for me!”This customer appreciation will further stand out when customers compare it to the other companies they’ve done business with that didn’t have anybody to answer their calls.

Better Customer Service Than Your Competitors

Customer service is key to a thriving startup. But many businesses and startups run into a couple of big customer service issues:

  • They don’t have a live voice, so no one is there to help customers when they call in.
  • If they do have a live voice, that person doesn’t really “know their stuff”. They don’t know the right people to transfer calls to and end up transferring calls to people who can’t help the caller.

You can solve each of these customer service issues by bringing in a well-trained live voice who knows their stuff, and who you can trust to handle your customers’ issues.

Keep Your Customers Happy

You want customers and prospects to end their calls with a smile when they’re talking to your business. Not a feeling of frustration (we’ve all had that feeling from time to time when trying to contact businesses).A well-trained live voice solves that problem and keeps as many callers as happy as possible. This increases the odds that they’ll stay loyal customers, and also makes it more likely that they’ll refer other people to your product/service.

The Easy Live-Voice Solution

So, how can you easily ensure that your startup has a live voice? Well, the easiest and most cost-effective way is to bring on a virtual receptionist.Virtual receptionists can handle all of your calls 24/7, and make sure that your customers and prospects are never forgotten when they call your business. Virtual receptionist service can be a game-changer for businesses in multiple industries, including legal, real estate, insurance, even landscaping... The list does on! And best of all, they’re a much smaller investment than a full-time in-person receptionist.


Your startup should have someone answering the phones at all times – even outside of regular business hours. We’ve laid out the reasons why here. To sum it up, it shows your customers that you care, and it’s also more professional.And the easy solution to having a live voice for your startup is a virtual receptionist. Virtual receptionists can handle the phones 24/7 and are much less costly than full-time receptionists.


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