3 Reasons to Have Answering Service For Medical Professionals

Wondering how you can improve customer satisfaction and productivity? Read to learn how call answering for medical professionals can help you achieve this

If you work in the medical industry, you understand the importance of patient-oriented care and administrative efficiency. Your patients are your number one priority, and you want to treat them as such.

But it’s not always easy to provide the kind of round-the-clock care your job demands and your patients deserve. The cost of having in-house receptionists can often be a prohibitive expense, creating significant barriers for your healthcare practice. Yet having less qualified personnel create and filter appointments can lead to issues with prioritization and waste time all around.

Fortunately, there’s a simple answer for tackling these problems: hiring a live answering service for your medical office. In this article, we’ll cover the three biggest reasons why call answering for medical offices. is the affordable service boost your office needs to take your patient care to the next level.

#1 Your Office Will Save Time and Money

Instead of using and paying in-house receptionists, your office can utilize a qualified virtual receptionist for your medical practice or patient answering service to do the following tasks:

  • Take patient phone calls
  • Schedule appointments
  • Answer patient questions
  • Patient Intake
  • Answer the phones in multiple languages
  • Update you on your office’s metrics and analytics

The average annual salary for a receptionist in the United States is about $38,000, though it can range from roughly $34,000 to $42,500 depending on skill level, certifications, and experience. 

Rather than spend that money on an in-office secretary, you can save it by investing in a medical answering service. Excellent services will provide employees that are already knowledgeable about the specifics of your business. That way, you don’t have to spend any additional time or money training employees.

The right call answering solution will also mesh easily with whatever software your office already uses, providing you with an effortless implementation experience. As a result, you don’t need to change how your office works, and you can proceed with business as usual.

#2 You Can Improve the Level of Care You Offer Your Patients

Not only can a healthcare answering service save you time and money, but it can also help upgrade the level of care you can provide. With a qualified medical call answering partner, your office can offer:

  • Real people, real responses – While some businesses are embracing virtual assistants—aka AI receptionists—the patients calling your medical practice would likely prefer to find a person on the other end of the line. A medical call answering service can provide human representatives to put your patients at ease.
  • Trained professionals to assist with patient needs – As a medical professional, you’re well aware of compliance requirements including HIPAA. The right call answering partner is well-versed in privacy and security laws and can provide receptionists who are able to appropriately answer questions in a medical setting.
  • Phone-answering with no breaks – A rotating team of fully-trained medical receptionists makes it possible to seamlessly answer incoming calls. That way, you won’t have to worry that important patient messages might be going to voicemail.
  • New capabilities – Are you interested in adding a live chat feature to your practice’s web site? Would you like to answer patient queries through text message? Look for a partner who offers these capabilities while fully complying with regulatory requirements.

A answering service like Nexa’s can free up your time and let you devote yourself to what you love: taking care of your patients.

#3 You’ll Be Able To Stay on Top of Any Emergencies

As a medical professional, you know that emergencies aren’t confined to business hours. That means you need the capability to be there for your patients 24/7/365. You never know when someone will need help.

While a regular receptionist might object to infringements on their personal time, a team of virtual receptionists allows you the flexibility to be on-call for your patients 24/7. The best kinds of healthcare after hours answering service solution take incoming calls:

  • At night and during non-business hours
  • Over the holidays
  • On weekends

Using a 24 hour medical answering service for your healthcare business can help improve customer service and establish trust between you and your patients. With a way to connect around-the-clock, you can feel confident that your office will always be reachable when your patients need you.

Be There for Your Patients with Nexa

Now that you’re aware of all the benefits a HIPAA compliant answering service offers your medical office or healthcare practice, you might be wondering how to get started.

Our people-powered service eliminates any training period and can offer you qualified professionals who are ready to begin work right away. Our platform also offers various services such as live chat and text messaging, providing you with even more ways to stay in touch with your patients.

Nexa Healthcare has the experience you need to improve your business’s workflow and take administrative stress off of your plate. If you know you want to take your patient care, office efficiency, and scheduling services to the next level, make the switch to Nexa’s people-powered platform.


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