5 Reasons To Hire A Virtual Receptionist Fluent In Spanish

Did you know that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the US? Read on to learn how to access this client base by hiring a receptionist in Spanish

If United States Census Bureau projections are correct, the U.S. population will include around 119 million Americans of Hispanic or Latino origin by the year 2060, nearly double today’s estimated demographic. 

With Spanish already ranked as the second-most spoken language in the United States behind English, it’s abundantly clear that businesses will need to respond accordingly to serve a more diverse and multilingual population. In this blog, we discuss how hiring a virtual receptionist fluent in Spanish or collaborating with a call center in Spanish could grow your business while saving you time and money.

#1 Respond to a Changing World

If the above statistics and projections tell us anything, it’s that a broader population shift toward more Spanish-speaking Americans is an ongoing reality that promises to bring plenty of potential to businesses in the decades to come.

Why not look at this demographic change as an opportunity for your business as opposed to an obstacle? By utilizing a virtual receptionist in Spanish or multilingual call center services, you can position yourself to make the most out of America’s increasing diversity, while growing your customer base in the process.

#2 Expand into Untapped Markets

Every business wants to grow. While fostering existing relationships is necessary for any industry, it is equally important that you do everything in your power to expand your reach into previously untapped markets.

What’s one way of doing this? Look toward the millions of potential clients and customers who speak Spanish either at work or at home. By working with a bilingual answering service or a virtual receptionist fluent in Spanish, you can: 

  • Meet the needs of this particular demographic 
  • Avoid putting excess strain on your existing customer service professionals

#3 Boost Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty

According to Harris Interactive, 89% of consumers cite poor customer service as their reason for switching over to a competitor. To maintain loyalty and keep customers as satisfied as possible, it’s crucial to communicate thoroughly and efficiently. 

This means employing Spanish speaking agents dedicated to: 

  • Answering questions
  • Scheduling customer appointment
  • Streamlining processes, such as patient intake and product returns 

When the ability to communicate is strained by a language barrier, it becomes difficult to keep customers satisfied and meet their needs, which may lead to a decline in loyalty to your brand. 

To ensure your Spanish-speaking customers are getting their needs met, a viable solution may be to hire a dedicated virtual receptionist whose fluency would no doubt improve communication and increase satisfaction in the process.

#4 Save Money on Payroll

Hiring an in-person receptionist can seem promising at first glance. Who doesn’t like the sound of a customer service professional who can ensure dedicated and personalized communication between your business and its many clients and customers?

Logistically speaking, however, an in-house receptionist can be costly in terms of payroll and benefits like health insurance or paid sick-leave. Additionally, working with a bilingual receptionist service with Spanish fluency would be more specialized and therefore would require a higher salary for what they can bring to the table.

Alternatively, a Spanish virtual receptionist employed by a company like Nexa could take pressure off your business without sacrificing the clear, direct, and timely communication your customers have come to expect.

#5 Save Time (For Everyone!)

In a 2013 survey by Dimensional Research, 72% of participants blamed their poor customer service experience on the need to discuss their concerns with multiple representatives. 

It’s easy to see why—multiple representatives means more time on the phone, more time explaining the same thing over and over, more time waiting on hold for the call to be transferred, and less time, much less time, doing your other daily tasks and responsibilities.

Time is an invaluable and increasingly scarce resource in modern life, and no one wants to waste their precious hours dealing with frustrating customer service issues. And you don’t want your employees to waste time and money either. 

If language becomes a barrier to communication between your business and its customer base, it might just be time to free up time for everyone involved.

By hiring a bilingual virtual receptionist fluent in the Spanish language, you:

  • Provide a direct line of communication to the Spanish speaking caller
  • Ensure that your English-speaking customers have reasonable wait times 

After all, that’s the quality service they expect from a business like yours.

Improve Customer Service With Nexa

A business is only as good as its customers perceive it to be. No matter the quality of your goods and services, bad customer service will inevitably lead to a decrease in overall loyalty, which may lead to customers looking elsewhere for what they need.

At Nexa, we know how to equip companies with the tools they need to boost their customer service and satisfaction. If that means overcoming the language barrier to suit your customers’ specific needs, our highly trained virtual receptionists are available 24/7/365 to answer incoming calls or make phone calls, convert leads, and utilize SMS and live chat with unrivaled efficiency in the English or Spanish language.

If you think a virtual receptionist fluent in Spanish could benefit your bottom line, contact Nexa today to learn more.


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