Nexa Healthcare’s Call Answering Alleviates Resource Constraints In The Medical Industry

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In a recent blog post, we discussed how medical clinics lean on technology to manage provider burnout and minimize issues caused by understaffing.  In addition to technological solutions like virtual collaboration and workflow automation, more providers are relying on medical answering services to alleviate common healthcare barriers.  

Here are some of the common barriers to medical access and how Nexa Healthcare offers solutions to eliminate them.  

What are some common barriers in medical care access?

According to a Deloitte report, America may end up paying up to $1 trillion by 2040 as a result of barriers to healthcare access. Common barriers that many healthcare facilities experience include insufficient insurance coverage, limited office hours, staffing shortages, stigmas, transportation and patient language challenges, according to a 2022 Wolters Kluwer article. ¹ Identifying the barriers in medical care access can help you to eliminate them from your practice, increase revenue and improve patient care.  

Fortunately, Nexa Healthcare serves as a leading medical answering service that helps to minimize barriers from day one.  

Eliminate language barriers with bilingual medical receptionists

According to a 2019 report from the Center for Immigration Studies, “one in four residents now speaks a language other than English at home.” ² This adds up to 67.3 million Americans who spoke a foreign language at home in 2018. Miscommunication and mistranslation during medical scheduling can be catastrophic. Without the proper assistance, administrative staff may misunderstand the urgency of a medical issue and delay time-sensitive care. Nexa Healthcare provides medical virtual receptionists who speak both English and Spanish. We are fully empowered to book appointments, escalate emergency calls and take messages in both languages within three rings.  

Alleviate resource constraints in the health care industry by outsourcing  

A significant barrier in healthcare access continues to be staffing shortages among doctors, nurses, technologists and administrative staff. These shortages can result in missed calls, rescheduled appointments and overbooked calendars. Our medical receptionists are available to fill in during coverage gaps. Even if your in-house administrative staff is unavailable, we ensure that every phone call is answered within 3 rings. If a provider is out sick, we can quickly rebook appointments. Nexa Healthcare receptionists connect with your existing EHR/patient management system to instantly upload information.  

Expand access by allowing appointment booking after-hours with Nexa Healthcare

It is true that “patients want to be able to access their healthcare when they want and need it.”³ Nexa Healthcare expands your office hours to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patients can book, confirm and reschedule appointments at any time of day. Hiring virtual receptionists is a fast way to quickly eliminate communication barriers with patients and ensure they get on the calendar as soon as possible.  

Start reducing barriers to healthcare access and contact Nexa Healthcare

Get set up fast to start escalating emergency calls, booking appointments and taking messages after-hours. Our medical answering service improves patient experience scores by 30%, all while increasing revenue. Book an appointment with our sales team via our contact form or call 800-756-3080 to learn more.


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